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How do we work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see your portfolio?

Sure! You can check our portfolio page here or contact us, so that we can send you all our previous works.

What are your turnaround times for your art?

We work quickly. But timing varies based on the project. So, it totally depends on the needs of yours.

Will you provide me with the PSD files layers intact?

Yes, we can do that as well upon your request.

Who owns the copyright to the illustrations?

You do. You are contracting us to create artwork and we retain no copyright claim to the work. We do ask permission to display a few samples of the artwork I create for you on this website and social media as examples of our work. This will all be defined in the contract.

Can I ask for changes as you work on my illustrations?

Yes, you are the art director. You are allowed one round of changes for each illustration at the rough pencil stage, and then another round at the color stage. Note that any additional changes beyond that will incur an added fee.

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Philadelphia, Nester Pl, APT 15, 1900